Question: Why is my sms sender ID showing another Name?

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Question: Why is my sms sender ID,, showing another Name,?

For Nigeria business, this is affected by NCC regurgitation to protect against 

Fraud and is more common on Airtel Network,  other Network are expected to work fine and should deliver with your sms Sender ID.

Airtel bulk sms system usually update your preferred sms sender ID name to any of the following::

1. Information

2. M-Alert 

3. Important

4. Announcement

5. Token 

What can be done to prevent this?

At the moment theirs no option but ONE, get operating license engage any bulk sms gateway or provider of your choice and ask they should whitelist your sender ID, which some documents will be sign by you if everything goes as planned, Airtel network will receive your request and white List your Name .. doing this means all your future sms will be delivered with your preferred name as sender ID.

Estimated time for white listing is 2 -3 weeks, 

Documents: (MOU, Letter signoff, CAC and valid ID.)

Internal whitelisting by bulk sms provider

It important you do not mistake Internal Sender ID whitelisting with Network Provider whitelisting, Internal whitelisting takes 24-48hr in most case this does not resolve the concern as the mean source need to also be white listed

Should you have any questions, kindly engage us.


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